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How Are Pedestals Packed?

Tops are packed six in a box. 20″ tops are packed four to a box. Bases(Sides) are packed 12 to a box.

How Soon Can They Be Shipped?

Usually within the week. More than likely within two days. Check with us for orders of 50 or more.

How Much Weight Can They Support?

Over 100lbs. Even the mini pedestals!

Can They Be Painted?

Yes, either spray or hand painted.

Can I Purchase A 20″ Top For My 16″ Pedestal?

Yes, it will fit on the base exactly the same.

Can I Buy Replacement Tops, Bases Or Bottoms?

Yes, just tell us your size and color.

Do You Ship Internationally?


If I Have Any Further Questions, How Do I Contact You?

You can either call us at 888.350.1325 (If no answer, leave a message) or you can use the form on our Contact Us page.

What Do I Do If A Foam Pad Breaks?

Use wide tape to put it back together and insert in base.

How Far Down Do I Have To Insert The Foam Pad?

As far down as you can push it. It does not have to be at the bottom.