About [Easy Pedestal]

“The setting is as important as the jewel.”

A visually appealing display is an essential feature when it comes to successfully merchandising your products, be it during a trade show or in a more permanent retail environment. Taking the unique needs of various types of exhibitors into consideration, Easy Pedestal creates functional and attractive products made out of lightweight eco-friendly materials that are portable, durable, easy-to-assemble, reusable, and affordable.

Easy Pedestal was founded in 1999 when Jerry Garfinkle designed these unique display pedestals. He realized that there was a need for an affordable pedestal that was easy to assemble and disassemble. Pedestals were needed for trade shows, craft fairs and exhibits of all kinds. In many cases, exhibitors would lug more display material to the venue than they had the merchandise to display.

For nearly 20 years, Easy Pedestal has proven itself to be an industry leader in providing clients with reliable and convenient products. Originally based in Boynton Beach, Florida, ownership of the company recently transitioned to the next generation, having been handed over by Jerry to his favorite nephew Eric.

Now operating out of Brooklyn, New York, all items are designed and manufactured by a small team of dedicated designers, and support staff who work together to ensure strict quality control, personal customer service, quick shipping, and overall satisfaction. Alongside the classic collapsible pedestals that have proven their value over the decades, the product line is currently being expanded to include contemporary styles with a direct approach for sustainable design.